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Increased Revenue Bingo is finally here!


This is not your grandmother's traditional bingo game. It's better! It's BINGO SHOCK! This unique electronic bingo game is fast paced, lots of fun, and thrilling to slot players who enjoy volatility and the opportunity to maximize their awards by taking chances. Each game that results in one or more potential winning outcomes provides the player with the option of purchasing extra bingo balls, which increases their chances of winning and the potential award. The volatility of this game coupled with the control the players have over the final outcome keeps them on the edge of their seat and coming back for more. This is a gamblers game!

Progressively Increased Chances of Winning!

Optional High Bet Per Game!

High Jackpot Potential!

Play up to 4 cards at a time!

Multiple winning bingo patterns!

Fantastic animated graphics coupled with stereo sound to cheer you on!


  • Class III Game
  • SAS 6.02 compliant
  • Supports SAS AFT
  • Supports SAS TITO
  • Supports Paltronics Progressive Jackpots